Finnish Folk Music Association

The Finnish Folk Music Association (Suomen Kansanmusiikkiliitto) is an association for friends of folk music, amateurs and professionals, founded in 1968. Its 19 member organisations arrange regional folk music activities around the country. The Finnish Folk Music Association arranges many kinds of activities and works for the developing of the whole folk music field in different projects. The Association has many international contacts for example with the Nordic folk music committee, the NORDLEK council and Folklore Suomi Finland.


Each year the Finnish Folk Music Association arranges the event Samuelin Poloneesi, which takes place in March. Lately it has been arranged in Pori (2008), Helsinki (2009), Kaustinen (2010), Savonlinna (2011), Helsinki (2012), Hamina (2013), Rauma (2014), Helsinki (2015), Kokkola (2016), Kuopio (2017), Helsinki (2018), Oulu (2019). In 2020 Samuelin Poloneesi will be arranged in Tampere.

The Finnish Folk Music Association also collaborates with the arrangers of and JuuriJuhla-RotFest in Espoo. The regional folk music associations arrange many different events, among others Eteläpohjalaiset Spelit, Siilifolk, Lokakuun Loiskeet, PelimanniEtto …


The Finnish Folk Music Association arranges courses for its members. The most important are the Orivesi folk music courses (each year 27th to 30th of December) and KAMU – Folk music summer camp for children and young.

Ethno Finland

Ethno Finland is for advanced young folk musicians aged 17-30 years with around. Half of the participants comes from abroad.


The Finnish Folk Music Association arranges folk music tours around Finland. Each season four bands are selected to go on tour to different Finnish cities. Application times are 1.-31.3. for the autumn tours and 1.-30.9. for the spring tours.


The Finnish Folk Music Association publishes the Kansanmusiikki magazine in collaboration with the Folk music institute (Kansanmusiikki-instituutti). Kansanmusiikki is the only folk music magazine in the Finnish language. Four issues each year, one of them also contains a cd. Kansanmusiikki is included in the membership fee, but you can also order it separately.


The Finnish Folk Music Association has the broadest catalogue of Finnish folk music recordings and music books, which are sold by post order and in different events. Check out our catalogue – unfortunately it is only in Finnish, but we’ll be happy to help you with details also in English.

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Feel free to contact the Finnish Folk Music Association if you need any information about Finnish folk music! We speak Finnish, English and Swedish.

Suomen Kansanmusiikkiliitto – Finnish Folk Music Association Hämeentie 34 D, 00530 Helsinki +358-9-8731 320, toimisto(at)

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